Camping Fields

Our Park comprises of two fields, each surrounded with mature trees and hedgerows. Two brick bridges span a small stream which runs through the Park providing access between each field.

Main Field
Our main  is the largest of the two and rectangular in shape. Completely open and uninterrupted the field gently slopes to the bottom and is perfect for large camps and social activities. At the head of the field is our Lodge, Activity Centre, Toilet Block and flagpole.

CRAI Park Field CRAI Park Field 2

To the North of the Main Field is our Woodland Copse. This group of trees form an area of natural woodland and is great for nature trails, sisal trails, bark rubbings and storytelling. Bivouacking is permitted however, we ask that no trees are damaged in the construction and that the area is returned to its original natural beauty upon dismantling.
PLEASE NOTE: During late Spring the woodland floor is carpeted with native bluebells. While we do not limit access to the copse at this time in order for you to appreciate this natural beauty, we must clearly state that the native bluebells are protected by law and as a result must not be picked / dug up or moved. We ask that during the flowering period please stick to the footpaths at all times to preserve the bluebells for future generations.
Strictly no fires are permitted in the Copse at any time.

CRAI Activity Park Copse 1 CRAI Activity Park Copse 2

The Campfire Field
Our second field is triangular in shape and is directly opposite our main car park. This field houses our large camp fire circle and outdoor worship area. This large brick structure is capable of providing seating for large groups who wish to sing songs around the fire. On the other side is our outdoor worship area with alter and two lecterns for religious services or Scout’s Own.

CRAI Activity Parl Campfire 1 CRAI Activity Park Campfire 2

A map of the Park can be found in our Activity Resources