Our aim is to make the booking process as simple as possible. Please follow the steps below to ensure your booking is processed smoothly.
  • Prior to sending us your booking form please contact the Booking Secretary to check availability of the site and activity instructors.

We aim to book you into our site for the dates you require, however, on occasions we may offer alternative dates. We therefore advise groups to have more than one date in mind when inquiring about the availability. We will provisionally book your group into the diary at this stage. If we have not received your booking form within 14 days, the date will be made available to other groups.

CRAI Centre Booking Form

If you have any queries regarding bookings please contact the Booking Secretary on 07922 003959.

Extra Information:

Due to our insurance requirements all archery activities booked at the Park, using the Park’s equipment, must be supervised by CRAI Activity Park’s approved Instructors.

Climbing and Abseiling is only available to Members of the Scout Association as defined by POR and Unity.

Please Note when booking the lodge, Only basic cooking equipment will be supplied Groups are required to supply their own Bowls/Plates/Cups etc. as no crockery is supplied.

Please note when booking an activity, the price of booking the hall is not covered.

All Leaders conducting their own activities, using their own equipment, must hold the relevant qualifications and we require copies of the original certificate(s) to be enclosed when returning the booking form.

Failure to do this will result in the appropriate facilities not being made available upon arrival.

All activities conducted at the Park must be in accordance with guidelines issued by the Scout Association as set in the POR.

Scout Association Members must also send a copy of their Nights Away Notification (NAN) form.

Occasionally there may be more than one group using the site on the same dates. We will inform you should this matter arise.